100 Carat Diamond from De Beers for Sale

Published By : 22 Apr 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

At a jewels sale in New York, the highlight was an eye-popping diamond of 100 carat. The piece can is expected to fetch anything up to US$25 million. The auction organized by Sotheby said, the perfect classic D color piece that is in emerald cut that was mined by the diamond giant De Beers is one of the largest to be on display for sale at any action.

Further the Sotheby’s auction house added, it is only one of the five of such high quality and size that has been displayed for sale. The offering from De Beers which is a 100.20 carat diamond defines perfection in every aspect. This was commented by Gary Schuler, who is the head of the jewellery department at Sotheby in New York. 

To talk about the features and characteristics of the piece, it has a color that can be said to be whiter than white. The piece is free of any flaws, having none internal imperfections and being perfect by all means. 

Prior to this, the world record was set in Geneva in 2013. The diamond as it was called, “Pink Star”, a pink diamond completely flawless set a world record for a gemstone price. The classic piece was sold at a whopping price of US$83.02 million in Geneva in 2013. 
In the auction for white diamonds so far, the highest price record for a white diamond was set in Hong Kong in 2013. The white color masterpiece of 118.28 carat was sold at an exorbitant price of US$30.6 million. 
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