1 in 3 American Kids are obsessed with Fast Food Says Govt Report

Published By : 22 Sep 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The National Center for Health Statistics of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has published a report stating that on an average 1 in 3 children in America consumes fast food on a daily basis. Around 34.3% of the kids in U.S., in the age group of 2 to 19, eat regularly in fast-food joints.

The research study was based on data collected from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey carried in 2011-12 by the agency. The researchers have found out that 12.1% of young American are getting more than 40% of their daily dose of calories from these fast food.

They also found out that apart from this, an additional number of kids summing up to 10.7% are having 25 to 40% of their daily food intake in form of these fast food, and 11.6%  are consuming almost 25% of their regular calorie intake from eateries that serve fast food.

Kids of both the gender are equally found of fast foods as the proportion of their food intake in the form of fast food on a daily basis was statistically equivalent. The report further stated that the weight status does not have any significance on the kid’s appetite for fast food.

The researchers added that the kids and teens with normal weight or, the ones, who are underweight take around 12.2% of their daily food intake from fast food on an average. However, the percentage for overweight kids was less than 11.6% and a bit more than 14.6% for children suffering from obesity.

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