Wind Power Industry

Wind power is the employment of air flow via wind turbines in order to automatically power generators for electricity. Wind power is considered to an alternative to fossil fuels and is clean, renewable, plentiful, widely distributed, uses less land area, consumes no water, and emits no greenhouse gases during manufacturing. It has far more less impact on the environment as compared to the non-renewable sources used for generating power. Wind energy is considered consistent as it delivers variable power with significant variation over certain short time scales. With non-renewable resources being over exploited, the demand for renewable resources such as wind power is likely to rise over the coming years. has a depository of several reports under the wind power segment which covers regional as well as global picture bearing in mind the impact of several productive and destructive factors. It puts emphases on the growth prospects along with encounters faced by players and the progress of each segment under each report is also measured. 

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