Vaccines Industry

Vaccination has been approved as one of the best methods for the prevention of infectious diseases by many international organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO). Subsequently, the rising awareness about vaccination has augmented the growth of the global vaccines market. While vaccination is the administration of a vaccine, the latter is a biological preparation that stimulates an individual's immune system against a particular disease. Vaccine manufacturers in the global market are working towards the improvement of existing vaccines as well as the development of new vaccines. Some of the vaccinations available in the market are the chicken pox vaccine, the HPV vaccine, and the influenza vaccine.

The growing prevalence of diseases plays a central role in the demand for vaccines. A large diseased population can hamper the development of a country. Therefore, the main actors on the demand side of the vaccine market are governments of emerging and industrialized countries, various advisory and regulatory bodies that keep a check on vaccine safety and quality, pooled procurement agencies, and private sectors. The global vaccine market has gained traction over the past few years and is expected to expand owing to an increasing focus on immunization programs, thanks to government initiatives. Moreover, the development of new and more mature vaccines is likely to provide a significant push to the market.

However, manufacturers have to invest considerable capital and undergo stringent regulatory approval processes for the development and approval of new vaccines. The handling, storage, and transportation of vaccines involve high cost. Moreover, the global vaccine market is highly dependent on donor policies and public purchasers, which amplifies the complexity of assessing and understanding pricing and procurement. presents a large repository offering a number of reports on niche markets under the category of vaccines. Some of the markets covered under this category are the global influenza vaccine market, global H1N1 vaccines market, global tuberculosis vaccine market, global human vaccine market, Europe mumps vaccine market, United States foot and mouth disease (FMD) vaccines market, global enterovirus vaccine market, and China skin cancer vaccine market. also provides key insights into the global vaccine market by scrutinizing every facet of the market including the industry chain structure, clinical developments, classifications, and applications. Competitive landscape analysis and regional segmentation form important parts of each report in the category.

International players in the global vaccines market maintain a strong focus on industrialized countries. However, they are also targeting emerging markets and developing countries to strengthen their presence globally. To compete in these markets, they participate in health programs and technological transfers and outsource joint development activities. Most of the companies engage in mergers and acquisitions and new product development to expand their business.

The reports in this category also present a detailed evaluation of the key players in the vaccine industry. Their company profiles, revenue and cost structures, capacity, production, product pictures and specifications, price, and contact information are offered in the reports. The reports also offer an in-depth analysis of the upstream raw materials supply chain and the downstream value chain. The various statistics pertaining to the market have also been presented in pictorial and tabular forms for a lucid analysis.

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