Travel Services Industry

Travel services make an important component of the tourism industry. They are rendered as combination services from tour operators, travel agents, tourism products, destination marketing organizations, and suppliers among others. Travel services support development and delivery of guest experiences some of which are missing from the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS).

Some of the core components of travel services identified under NAICS are travel agencies, tour operators, destination marketing organizations, online travel agencies, and other organizations. While travel service functions vary from country to country, few core functions of travel service remain the same in every destination. Typically, travel services include processes used by guests to book components of their trip.

The travel market remains strong as international travel is gaining popularity. With rising disposable incomes there is a surge in leisure travel across the world. Apart from this, business travel account for a major revenue chunk to the travel services market. The advent of medical tourism is bolstering the growth of travel services market worldwide.

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