Therapeutic Area Industry

A therapeutic area refers to a class of disease, conditions, or symptoms for which approved medical treatments are available. The therapeutic area relates to the disease that is being treated. Certain therapeutic areas fall under the emerging category, where potential treatments for diseases and conditions are still under the development, clinical trials, or approval stage. Defining the therapeutic area helps through all stages of the drug discovery, formulation, trial, and marketing process.

Some of the most prominent therapeutic areas today include cardiology, oral health, dermatology, gastroenterology, family medicine, heamtology, immunology, hepatology, musculoskeletal disorders, nephrology, infectious diseases, paediatrics, psychology and psychiatry, rheumatology, urology, ophthalmology, orthopaedics, nutrition, neurology, internal medicine, trauma, sleep, and pulmonary diseases and disorders. With nearly each of these areas witnessing a rise in the number of patients, intensive research is currently being conducted to bring safer and more efficacious medicines to the market.

By understanding the therapeutic area, it is possible to prioritize drug discovery and development. Both biotechnology and pharmaceutical organizations are involved in this process. Besides these, there are numerous dedicated research institutions working across numerous therapeutic areas.

In recent years, the trend of outsourcing to contract research organizations has grown wider. This has created a shift in the dynamics of the pharmaceutical industry with a number of companies from Asia contributing in greater measure to the growth and expansion of therapeutic areas.

QY Research Reports offers market research reports covering the full range of therapeutic areas. The research reports available under this category have been authored by seasoned professionals. The reports, focused on both global and regional markets, can be ordered as available or can be customized further. QY Research Reports stands committed to delivering well-researched and objective research reports that will help companies across therapeutic areas gain insight into the most promising research areas.

The therapeutic area reports on our website cover reports dealing with all phases of clinical research - Phase I through IV. We also offer reports focused on non-interventional studies across therapeutic areas such as endocrinology, cardiology, metabolic diseases, and more.

The reports featured under the therapeutic area section on QYResearchReports are a reliable source of statistics pertaining to specific products, product reviews, market share analysis of products in important therapeutic areas, and market sizing and projections. Market research reports that offer profiles of leading companies across each therapeutic areas are also available on QY Research Reports. A sizable section of reports is also dedicated to devices, consumables, and equipment that is used at different stages of a therapeutic area.

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