Sugar & Supplements Industry

An increasing number of consumers worldwide are, for the most part, becoming more vigilant about the ingredients contained in the food and beverages they add to the shopping cart. Labels are now inspected more closely to look for harmful ingredients, synthetic additives and flavors, and salt and sugar levels. Numerous studies show that consumers in the U.S. almost always check labels for sweeteners to determine whether products are calorie-rich. The type of sweetener used and its quantity are both becoming important concerns for consumers.

An unmistakable stress on natural sweeteners such as stevia is forcing many companies to reformulate their food and beverage products to attract consumers. High-fructose corn syrup, for example, is regarded with some hesitation and natural sweeteners are now appealing more to consumers. F&B giants such as Coca-Cola and PepsiCo have already begun using more natural sweeteners to replace sugar in their popular beverage brands. While until a few years ago only a handful of products launched annually had natural sweeteners, that number is expanding drastically.

The current trends in the market show that natural sweeteners are a massive opportunity in the making. While developed markets such as the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, and France have become important markets for sugar and supplements in recent years, it is now the turn of emerging economies to create high-value opportunities for players in the global sugar and supplements market.

The demand for sugar and supplements derived from natural sources is being backed by greater awareness regarding wellness. With evidence of the detrimental effect of artificial sweeteners having surfaced in the last few years, consumers are being influenced to make the move toward healthy sweeteners and supplements.

In the long run, this trend is projected to affect major beverage producers, food companies, restaurants and fast food chains, and food processors. Options such as sugar beet are now gaining more takers. Tabletop sugar and supplements constitute yet another trend in the offing.

With the global sugar and supplements markets expected to undergo numerous shifts in trends, the opportunity in natural sweeteners and sugar substitutes is growing bigger. Although the demand for artificial sweeteners will not entirely die, it is imperative for companies operating in the sugar and supplements to strategize for the future. QYResearchReports offers analyses, reports, and surveys that can help companies in the sugar and supplements market make prudent decisions. The featured reports are compiled by experts with hands-on industry experience. We offer a host of both syndicated and custom reports as well as consultation services to offer a 360-approach to market research in the sugar and supplements industry.

The carefully curated repository of research reports carries both global and regional reports. Peppered with numerous graphs and charts, the reports endeavor to provide pictorial overview of every market that matters in the sugar and supplements industry. Moreover, should you need further help, our teams of research consultants is available to address your queries.

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