Shipbuilding Industry

The global shipbuilding market has been driven by the steady rise in demand for new ships complying with modern emission regulations and the rising volume of marine trade. Central Asian and Mediterranean countries are likely to play key roles in the development of the global shipbuilding market in the coming years. The rising demand for private ships and other recreational ships is also likely to contribute significantly to the global shipbuilding market.

The increasing demand for private yachts and ships from the ultra-high-income demographic is likely to comprise a significant part of the global shipbuilding sector in the coming years. Affluent citizens in dynamic economies in Southeast Asia and the Middle East have become a key consumer group for the global shipbuilding sector. The rising popularity of new beachfront tourism sites is also likely to help the steady growth of the global shipbuilding sector.

The shipbuilding market intelligence repository of features reports illustrating every aspect of the sector. Reports focusing on key product and regional segments of the global shipbuilding sector are also available on

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