Pharmacovigilance Industry

Pharmacovigilance forms a key segment of any drug regulation system aimed at the monitoring and evaluation of adverse drug reaction of a drug, thus improving its safety profile and contributing to the avoidance of complications related to its use. Pharmacovigilance activities are also considered an important component of all clinical research projects and their demand is increasing at a significant pace across the globe. The rising numbers of research and development activities in the pharmaceutical industry is chiefly attributable to the increasing demand for pharmacovigilance activities.

QYResearch has compiled a repository of reports covering the global pharmacology industry and a number of specialties within. Each report included in the repository has been formulated with the help of proven research methodologies, covering all important aspects of the market in focus. The detailed reports make for credible business documents aimed at providing all essential market-related data to market participants and all parties interested in monitoring the developments in the field of pharmacovigilance.

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