Microbiology Industry

Microbiology, the study of microscopic living organisms such as algae, viruses, bacteria, archaea, fungi, prions, and protozoa, collectively known as ‘microbes,’ can help find solutions for maintaining water, energy, and food security in a planet burdened with overpopulation and the resultant civic challenges. Microbes play a crucial role in biodegradation, nutrient cycling, climate change, food spoilage, the cause and control of disease, and biotechnology. They find application in making life-saving drugs, production of biofuels, lessening pollution, and producing or processing food and drinks.

The microbiology market worldwide is expanding at a healthy clip on the back of rising occurrence of pathogenic diseases, discoveries of mutating and adapting bacterium, and pressing need for quick microbiological testing methods. Applications in agriculture, cosmetics, food and beverages, and pharmaceuticals is also catalyzing demand for microbiology research which enables checking safety and quality of products. North America, powered by the advanced U.S., has seen as maximum development in the domain of microbiology due to robust government support for food and drug safety. 

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