Machines & Parts Industry

While the global machine and parts industry continues to enjoy a dominant share in the global economy, it has been significantly affected by the economic meltdowns in the recent past. Nevertheless, since the industry depends on the prevalent economic factors to a large extent, a spur in the economic growth encompassing more industrial activities has resulted in a favorable outcome for the global machine and parts industry. The latest reports project this multibillion-dollar industry to exhibit an impressive CAGR, but its growth will be occasionally hindered by economic downturns and volatility in the manufacturing sector.

The usage of machine and parts spans across construction, agriculture, oil and mining, and several other industries. As the demand from industries, particularly in emerging nations, grows, the market for machine and parts will considerably expand. Hence, the rise in domestic and industrial demand in Asia Pacific and policy improvements implemented across countries such as India and China are likely to fuel the operations of the global machines and parts industry. A study published by the IMF projects India’s economic growth to be at around 6.4% in 2015 while the Chinese economy will exhibit a 7.1% growth amidst the prevailing manufacturing sector meltdown. The economic growth registered by these countries will have a direct impact on the global machines and parts industry. has a proprietary database of several comprehensive reports on the global machine and parts industry, providing an executive-level blueprint of the same. These reports are a valuable resource of elemental industry information, interspersed with pertinent statistics and market figures. Data compiled in the report provides a holistic overview of the market dynamics and is intended to help stakeholders make coherent decisions consistent with prevailing market trends. 

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