Hair Care Industry

Hair care is an umbrella term for all products and services that deal with human hair, in terms of either hygiene or cosmetics. Humans perceive hair as a part of their personality and a sign of cultural and individual diversity. As such, cosmetics play an important part in the global hair care industry. At the same time, health concerns regarding the maintenance of hygiene of human hair and scalp also create the need for various hair care products.

The global hair care industry can be segmented according to product type into shampoos, conditioners, hair growth products, hair colors, hair sprays, styling gels and mousses, and accessories. The type of products can also be differentiated according to gender, due to the differences in male and female hair.

Key growth drivers of the global hair care market are the increasing demand for diversity in hair care products to suit specific user needs. The global hair care market is largely dominated by feminine hair care products, which can be challenged in the future by male hair care products, due to a changing trend in the masculine approach towards hair fashion and care. This upswing in male hair care products’ demand is expected to greatly benefit the global hair care market.

The top companies in the global hair care industry are Neutrogena Corporation, Henkel Corporation, Conair Corporation, Unilever Home and Personal Care, L’Oreal USA, and Proctor & Gamble. holds a vast range of research documents about the global hair care industry, which allow a user to fully understand any specific sector in the industry. It enables a company to take the right market decision in order to come out on top of their respective segments in the global hair care industry.

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