Glass Industry

Glass is a ubiquitous material and is solid and non-crystalline by composition. With its quality of being optically transparent, glass can be transformed into many structures. The global glass market is on the verge of rapid expansion considering its many uses. Glass is globally used for various processes and treatments to reduce or improve optical clarity, depending upon where it is to be used.

Materials such as metallic alloys, polymers, molecular liquids, and aqueous solutions are molten to produce glass of particular required attributes and quality. The global demand for glass is directly proportional to the population growth observed in recent years. Increasing construction of houses and other buildings has led to growth of the global glass market. Apart from being used for functional purposes, glass is also used as a decorative item. The growing number of applications of glass, such as in packaging, packing, research equipment, defense and aerospace components, solar components, protective materials, and others, has propelled the global glass market in the recent past.     

The rapidly growing global construction industry boosts the demand for glass. By geography, the global glass market is segmented into Europe, Asia Pacific, North America, and Rest of the World. Europe is the most mature regional segment of the global glass market. Some of the leading companies in the global glass market are Asahi Glass Co. Ltd, Saint-Gobain, Guardian Industries Corp, Nippon Sheet glass, and others. provides a comprehensive analysis of the global glass market by taking into consideration competitive analysis, market forecasts, trends, key development areas, and key driving factors. 

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