Furniture Industry

The global furniture industry is currently expanding at a rapid rate, creating ample space for market players, both new and existing, to generate sufficient profits for themselves. As a mass noun, the term ‘furniture’ has moved on from including chairs, tables, desks, and closets. The modern segmentation of furniture leaves a diverse scope of requirements, to be filled by target-specific players. This includes the differentiation between outdoor and indoor furniture, living room and kitchen furniture, and other niche areas such as medical furniture and theater furniture.

Key factors driving the furniture industry are a growing demand by consumers, caused by increasing rates of disposable incomes. A greater percentile of the global population, especially from emerging nations, can now afford a higher quality of furniture. A key restraint on the global furniture market is the fluctuating availability of quality wood as a raw material. Furniture is also required in the hospitality, healthcare, and several other service industries. Key vendors in the global furniture market are Steelcase Inc., Sears Holdings Corp., IKEA International Group, Ashley Furniture Industries, Ltd., and Herman Miller, Inc. offers holistic snapshots of each market within the global furniture industry. This includes manufacturers, suppliers, consumers, and the value chain that completes the industry’s workflow. With ample graphical representations, each report completes its discussion on the market with a feasibility analysis that shows the report’s users a clear outline of the furniture industry’s future.

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