Environment Industry

In 1988, Environmental Business International Inc. coined the term ‘environmental industry’. The global environmental industry deals with environmental protection, pollution control, compliance with environmental regulations, waste management, environment assessment, and remediation of contaminated property. The global environmental industry offers valuable advice to businesses and governments on several environmental issues. These mainly include controlling the release of environmental contaminants such as pollutants and toxic substances.

Consultants in the global environmental industry identify issues, measure and analyze risks, and recommend solutions. The global environment industry is made up of scientists, engineers, and other related technicians. By business activity, the global environment industry is divided into resources, equipment, and services. Some of the environmental services are wastewater treatment works, hazardous waste management, and environmental consulting and engineering. Some of the environmental equipment used in the industry is air pollution control equipment, waste management equipment, and environmental instrumentation and information systems.

The global environmental industry is driven by the rising awareness of consumers and governments about sustainable practices. In addition to this, the favorable regulatory scenario in many countries will also drive this market. Furthermore, the rapid growth of the urban population around the world leads to the need for environmental services in both developed and emerging countries. Market intelligence reports on the global environmental industry identify the global and regional trends, competitive scenarios, regulatory framework, and future opportunities in the environmental market.

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