Education Industry

Education has become a multifaceted industry in recent years thanks to the rapid development of smart learning and remote learning. Due to innovations such as these, education is no longer limited to conventional classrooms, leading to a corresponding development of the industry providing education infrastructure.

The smooth development of various remote learning solutions has led to the demand for interactive whiteboards, e-textbooks, and educational toys. These implements often require accompanying equipment or software support, which has provided further growth opportunities for players in the education industry. Interactive whiteboards and educational toys have been instrumental in revolutionizing the education industry and are likely to remain among the leading product categories of the global education market.

One of the key drivers for the global education industry is the increasing support being provided by governments, particularly in developed countries, to smooth development of their education sector. This has resulted in a rising number of students from developing countries traveling to countries such as Germany, the U.S., and the U.K. for higher education. This has the potential to remain a key driver for the global education industry in the coming years. The global education industry has also benefitted from the increasing disposable income of consumers in developed as well as developing countries, which has allowed them to spend more on pursuing higher education.

The rising popularity of private education in many emerging countries due to insufficient government efforts is a key feature of the global education industry. Due to the rising expenditure on education, private education is becoming affordable for an expanding demographic, which is likely to remain a key driver for the education industry in the coming years.

Despite the weak public education sector in many developing countries, literacy programs are being backed by many governments across the world and are likely to help the education industry in the coming years. Effective literacy programs not only increase the number of students possibly attempting tertiary education, but also usually results in demand for various educational implements.

On the other hand, the worsening problem of student loans has led to many students opting against tertiary education. This is likely to be a restraint on the education sector in developed countries in the coming years. presents a wide-ranging array of reports on a number of constituent markets within the global education industry. These reports provide a solid analysis of the influential drivers and restraints affecting the growth of the industry, as well as a detailed evaluation of the opportunities likely to arise in the sector in the coming years.

The comprehensive market research publications at provide information about the investment attractiveness of individual markets within the global education industry. The region-specific reports provide detailed data on the development trajectory of the education industry in individual regions, providing reliable insights for players looking to enter the education market.

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