Dermatology Industry

The importance of dermatology is increasing in the cosmetic industry in recent times. Dermatology procedures help in the prevention and treatment of skin diseases such as uneven skin pigmentation, benign growth in the skin, bacterial infection, fungal infection, aging, and acne. The introduction of dermatoscopy for the diagnosis of various skin conditions and the advancements in technology, which is helping in the enhancement of accuracy and effectiveness in treatments are also driving the market for dermatology. The use of digital dermatoscopy for the detection of non-malignant melanomas is also boosting the growth of the dermatology market. The widespread use of OCT scanners to analyse deep dermal skin tissues is making the diagnosis of skin very specific and accurate, which is also pushing the growth of the market. Players in the market are adopting imaging techniques such as optical coherence tomography and dermatoscopy. Some of the players in the market include: Heine Optotechnik,Strata Skin Sciences, Abbott Diagnostics, Welch Allyn, Michelson Diagnostics, and Roche Diagnostics.

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