Dental Devices Industry

Growing prevalence of periodontal diseases and dental cavities has led to the increase in demand for dental devices. The global market for dental devices has been further driven by the introduction of sophisticated and specialized devices, catering to a range of dental problems. Even though the dental equipment industry is growing at a rapid rate, the World Dental Federation estimates that only 20% of patients across the globe get access to dental care resources. With growing geriatric population, the demand from the global dental devices market is expected to surge significantly in the coming years.

On the basis of dental equipment, the global dental devices market can be segmented into dental radiology and laser equipment, diagnostic equipment, general equipment such as crowns and bridges, hygiene equipment, biomaterial for repairing and filling, chairs and ancillary devices, laboratory equipment, and others. Apart from the core dental equipment, products for personal dental care includes tooth care products, whitening products, floss, and others. The demand for dental devices is particularly high in the U.S., France, Japan, and Germany.

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