Cosmetic Industry

Commonly known as make-up, cosmetics are products or substances that are used for enhancing or altering the fragrance or appearance of the body. Several cosmetics are designed for applying to the hair or face. They are basically mixtures of chemical compounds, some of them being synthetics and other derived from natural sources. Common cosmetics comprise cologne, perfume, hair spray, gel, hairstyling products, shampoo, skin lotions, skin cleaners, rouge, foundation, eye shadow, mascara, nail paint, and lipstick. The growing inclination of consumers especially women, towards beauty products is expected to push the productivity of this industry. has a depository of several reports under the video cosmetic segment which covers regional as well as global picture bearing in mind the impact of several productive and destructive factors. It puts emphases on the growth prospects along with challenges faced by players and the progress of each segment under each report is also measured. 

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