Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Industry

Combined heat and power (CHP) or cogeneration denotes to the engagement of power station or heat engine in order to produce useful heat and electricity at the same time. Combined heat and power is a more thermodynamically efficient employment of fuel. Thermal power plants discharge heat during the generation of electricity which is released into the atmosphere via flue gas, cooling towers, or by various other means. Against this, combined heat and power recover the thermal energy discharged for generating heat for being used in application areas. The CHP industry is anticipated to witness potential growth prospects with the demand for large scale CHP installation growing in emerging economies. has a depository of several reports under the combined heat and power (CHP) segment which covers regional as well as global picture bearing in mind the impact of several productive and destructive factors. It puts emphases on the growth prospects along with challenges faced by players and the progress of each segment under each report is also measured.

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