Clinical Trials Industry

The global clinical trials market is envisaged to thrive on salient determinants such as a revealing shrink in naive disease population, stiff research and development budgets obliging sponsors to shift to the east, and stringent regulatory approvals. Asia Pacific could gain an edge over other regions in the global clinical trials market in terms of lucrativeness owing to nearly 50.0% low cost of performing clinical trials, at least when compared with the U.S. Asia Pacific had accounted for a higher count of trials conducted in 2010, which is expected to bode well for the regional clinical trials market on the part of a steady growth

Contract research organizations (CROs) such as Omnicare, PPD, Quintiles, and Chiltern are predicted to consider acquisitions and mergers with local firms in order to ensure a widened global presence and significant advancement in technology

At, market participants can find ample of data and crucial research analysis reports to receive decisive inputs about the global clinical trials market.

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