Cement Industry

Cement is a key binding element utilized in any form of construction and when utilized along with other ingredients is a prime part of the two main mixtures utilized for construction, i.e. mortar and concrete. Cement is of two major types, namely white cement and portland cement. Portland cement is majorly utilized as a material for construction within commercial, industrial, and residential projects. On the other hand, white cement is primarily utilized for decorative applications to increase the construction projects’ visual appeal.

The cement market is majorly boosted by the rise in construction and building activities all around the world. Technological advancement, rising disposable incomes, rising demand for cement from the construction and building sector, and increasing housing demand are amongst the major factors stimulating the market for cement.  Geographically, Sub-Saharan Africa has exhibited the highest growth rate in 2014 but in the coming years, Central and North Asia will reach par with Africa.

The U.S., China, Brazil, India, and Russia were the five top consumers of cement as per 2014. Amongst these, China is predicted to grow substantially all through 2015. Lafarge SA, China National Materials Co., Jaypee Cement, Cemex, Titan, Siam, CNBM, Mitsubishi Materials, and Dangote, among others, are amongst the prime players dominating the cement market.

Therefore, global cement consumption is predicted to record substantial growth in the coming years. Our repository of database covers an analysis of trade flows, trends on cement volume, cement production and demand, and the competitive landscape, coupled with the construction sector’s micro- and macroeconomic dynamics for the global cement market.

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