Cancer Industry

Cancer treatment usually involves a combination of therapies and palliative care. It is dependent on the type of cancer, stage of caner, age, health condition, and personal characteristics of the patient.

Cancer begins in cells, which are building blocks of the body. In a normal state, the body forms new cells as they are needed and replace old dead cells. However, in the event of irregularity in the process new cells are formed even when they are not needed and old cells do not die when need to.

The cancer diagnostics market displays a high degree of competition with the presence of a large number of big and small players. Technological advancements in the fields of biomarkers, biopsy, imaging, and endoscopy have been instrumental in the treatment of cancer.

However, factors such as high capital investments of biomarkers and high cost of diagnostic imaging equipment pose challenge to the market’s growth. Improving healthcare services in emerging nations and rising demand for personalized medicine presents growth opportunities to this market.

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