Biotechnology Industry

The global pharmaceuticals and healthcare industry comprises various markets such as biotechnology, biopharmaceutical, biomarkers, drug delivery, diseases and conditions, drug discovery, oncology, healthcare, and manufacturing, packaging, and detailing.

The biotechnology category comprises DNA sequencers, gene therapy, immunoglobulin, life science instruments, software for healthcare, biological detection equipment, single nucleotide polymorphism genotyping, cancer therapeutics and biotherapeutics, and many other markets.

The biotechnology industry has been performing considerably well for the past many years. Among all markets operating under the biotechnology category, the life science instruments market was the largest market in 2015.

Multiple reports state that the biotechnology industry will be positively affected by several factors in the coming years. The market is expected to register more collaborations and acquisitions as large organizations aim to partner with small biotech companies. For many companies, immune-oncology is expected to be the major focus of partnerships. Mergers and acquisitions are expected to be beneficial from the monetary point of view for the participating companies. 

Even though the global biotechnology industry is set for steady growth in the years to come, players operating in this market are expected to experience instability till the end of 2016. Huge sum of money are being invested in the development and testing of new products without the FDA’s approval, which is the biggest risk to the market at present. The cutting down of research and development activities is expected to affect the global biotechnology market adversely in the long run. Biotechnology companies are focusing on introducing more products by investing less, which can also be a risk. These factors are expected to hamper the growth of the biotechnology industry.

Going forward, many markets operating in the biotechnology industry are expected to be affected by the transformation of the associated technology. As the biotechnology industry enters an era of technological advancement, key trends will be watched by key companies from across the globe. There will be many changes happening in the field of research and development, leading to new growth opportunities for biotech companies.

The advent of cloud technologies and big data is predicted to benefit the organizations operating in the biotechnology industry. The fields of bioinformatics and biostatistics have emerged to handle the large amounts of data generated in biotechnology research. The rapid adoption of new technologies is predicted to propel the global biotechnology industry in the near future. 

Changing trends in the biotechnology industry are bringing many companies together to introduce new products. With this, novel research activities are expected to be converted into new inventions, thus benefiting the market. Changing trends in the biotechnology field are predicted to enhance the capacity to customize therapies on the basis of individual genomics, to treat all kinds of diseases.

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