Baby Products Industry

Although birthrates in the traditional markets in North America and Europe have been falling steadily, a parallel spike in birthrates in a number of developing countries has helped maintain the balance in demand for baby care products. Key product categories in the global baby products industry are skin care, hair care, safety and convenience products, toiletries, baby apparel and footwear, and others. With a remarkable rise in disposable incomes worldwide and growing awareness about infant health and hygiene, parents are now more willing than ever before to spend on baby products.

This heightened awareness for baby products has received a further boost thanks to the launch of innovative baby products and smart marketing campaigns by market leaders. From the consumer’s standpoint, the expansion of retail channels from which to make a purchase has brought hundreds of different products to the marketplace. The astounding rise and adoption of e-commerce has further made it easier for companies in the global baby products market to find new target markets.

However, parents concerned about the presence of harmful chemicals in baby products are increasingly showing an inclination toward organic and natural baby care products. Although many of these products still fall in the premium products space, their sales are rocketing. Several companies have been quick in spotting this trend, and the organic baby products market has gained critical mass already.

The baby products industry’s progress might, however, be hindered to some extent because consumers from some cultures perceive baby care products as being a luxury and not a necessity.

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