Nuclear Power Market

Atoms contain nuclear energy in their nucleus as the result of the exchange between the various forces acting on the atom. In the center of each atom, there are two kinds of particles, namely protons and neutrons, which remain together. Nuclear energy holds protons and neutrons at one place. Nuclear power can be harnessed by two methods, namely nuclear fission and nuclear fusion. When a nuclear reaction takes place, be it be fusion or fission, a large amount of nuclear energy is produced.

Nuclear power generation is the utilization of nuclear reactions for the generation of heat, which is then utilized primarily in steam turbines for producing electricity within a nuclear power plant. The nuclear power market is growing exponentially owing to the number of benefits related with the use of nuclear power. The electricity generation through the use of nuclear power has reduced the quantity of energy generated via fossils fuels including oils and coal. The reduced utilization of fossil fuels has resulted in reduced greenhouse gas emissions, thus benefitting the environment.

In addition, nuclear power plants have gained popularity owing to their advantage of continuous electricity generation for nearly 90% of their annual operating time. Furthermore, the reduced consumption of oil and coal has benefitted the global climate change situation and helped ameliorate the effects of global warming.

The nuclear power market has expanded over the past few years owing to the fact that nuclear energy requires very low amount of raw materials, thus enabling easy transportation of fuel. In addition, the rising requirement for secured green energy and the growing industrial developments are providing impetus to the growth of the global nuclear power market.

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